Maserati proifle Maserati
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What do you think about a porn star who names herself after a fancy Italian high-performance sports car? Would you think it’s because she’s sleek, tight, limber, and aerodynamically engineered? Well, not when it comes to the Jamaican Ebony mega babe Maserati. She’s got a massive pair of tatas and a heaving big black booty that would slow down any sports car, but we don’t want crafty design when we want big boobs and fat ass, right? Maybe the only thing fast about this babe is how fast you’re going to sink your grip fist into your underwear and pull out a wad of high-octane spunk. Everything about Maserati testifies to size over speed, from her pouty black lips that can easily sink down a dong right to the base of the shaft, to her thick juicy nips. Maserati’s mauve cock-pocket between her chunky suffocating dark thighs simply swells with excitement when she starts to rev her pussy engine. Now here’s a fun fact: those heaving 36 HH tits are 100% natural, and they help keep Maserati reigning as the ultimate titty-fucking queen. Only thing is, just the biggest boners in town can get all the way through those jugs if Maserati is going to get the chance to lip fuck that penis tip. She claims her favorite position is doggy style, and when she’s on all fours getting reamed from behind, you can see those giant chesticles really flop and swing like they might crash through your computer screen.
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Born: January 08, 1986
Birthplace:Kingston, Jamaica
Height:5 ft 4 ins (163 cm)
Weight:149 lbs (68 kg)